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Spokane/East. Wash/North Idaho News Releases for Sun. Apr. 26 - 2:39 am
BPA and EnerNOC will test demand response for non-wires and peak load shaving
Bonneville Power Administration - 04/23/15
PR 10 15
Thursday, April 23, 2015
CONTACT: Doug Johnson, 503-230-5840/503-230-5131

BPA and EnerNOC will test demand response for non-wires and peak load shaving
Project tied to I-5 Corridor Reinforcement and managing peak load during extreme cold events

Portland, Ore. - The Bonneville Power Administration is looking to learn more about the potential for demand response to help it manage transmission congestion during summer heat waves and shave peak energy demand during cold snaps. This is the first non-wires measure BPA will test in association with its I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project, which it is considering building.

BPA has selected EnerNOC to serve as its commercial aggregator, which means EnerNOC will be responsible for working through Northwest utilities to find commercial participants that are willing to decrease energy consumption when sent an electronic signal.

"This is another important step in our efforts to find flexible capacity from outside the hydro system to deliver value to our customers," said BPA Administrator Elliot Mainzer. "This project is about using innovative technology to help BPA manage infrastructure costs and energy consumption to preserve system reliability."

The demand response activities EnerNOC will implement include a summer initiative to manage transmission congestion and flows in the same area the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement project is focused, and a winter initiative to shave peak energy usage during extreme cold snaps.

Summer non-wires relief

North to south energy flows into the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area during the summer can approach system operation limits and create the potential for blackouts. In January 2011, BPA commissioned a non-wires screening study that listed demand response as one of several non-wires measures that could help manage transmission congestion in advance of constructing the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement project.

BPA currently projects that it will need the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement in 2021. Under the current project schedule, BPA expects to decide whether or not to build the line in 2016. If BPA determines it could not build the line in time to meet the electrical need, non-wires measures such as this one would be necessary until the project could be built.

"We know non-wires measures cannot replace the need for the I-5 Corridor Reinforcement project," said Mark Korsness, BPA Transmission Service project manager. "We also know non-wires measures are a valuable tool we may need to employ until we can complete the project if we decide to build it. It is important to test these measures well in advance of the need, and our team has done a good job pulling this demonstration together."

EnerNOC will enlist the participation of large energy consumers that could lower their energy use within 10 minutes of receiving an electronic signal initiated by BPA. The reduction would be available up to four hours during hours of peak energy use up to five consecutive days.

EnerNOC is aiming to enlist enough participants to reduce up to 20 megawatts of energy use in summer 2015 and up to 25 megawatts in summer 2016.

Winter peak relief

The Federal Columbia River Power System can be stretched to its limit during certain periods. BPA and its federal partners that own and operate the dams need flexibility for the many important purposes the dams serve, which include fish passage and variable energy integration.

"Demand response provides us a great opportunity to help ourselves and our customers," said Mark Gendron, senior vice president of BPA Power Services. "Testing tools that provide potential system flexibility and save our ratepayers money benefits us all."

EnerNOC will enlist the participation of customers that could lower their energy use within 20 minutes of receiving a signal to do so. The reduction would be available for up to two three-hour periods up to three consecutive days. EnerNOC will begin the winter demonstration in December 2015 seeking up to 13 megawatts of relief in the first year and 25 megawatts in the second year.

Going forward

BPA continues to explore various demand response tools to defer the need for transmission projects, balance variable energy resources, relieve transmission congestion and meet other needs. Demand response is one of several areas in which BPA's Technology Innovation office is funding pilot projects.

BPA's current power contracts include a "demand charge" its public utility customers incur when their aggregate energy consumption exceeds a predetermined level. The charge sends a price signal to customers and encourages the use of tools such as demand response to shave peak energy use. These types of initiatives can be useful to our customers as they search for ways to manage their loads and minimize their demand charge.

More information on demand response and other BPA energy efficiency efforts is available on the BPA website.

BPA is a nonprofit federal agency that markets renewable hydropower from federal Columbia Basin dams, operates three-quarters of high-voltage transmission lines in the Northwest and funds one of the largest wildlife protection and restoration programs in the world. BPA and its partners have also saved enough electricity through energy efficiency projects to power four large American cities. For more information, contact us at 503-230-5131 or visit www.bpa.gov.

Efficiency Exchange highlights energy efficiency innovations and trends (Photo)
Bonneville Power Administration - 04/20/15
The annual Efficiency Exchange conference, co-hosted by BPA and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, is the biggest energy efficiency event in the region. This year's conference is April 21-23 in Portland. (Photo by Jim Maddry/NEEA)
The annual Efficiency Exchange conference, co-hosted by BPA and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, is the biggest energy efficiency event in the region. This year's conference is April 21-23 in Portland. (Photo by Jim Maddry/NEEA)
The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), in partnership with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and electric utilities throughout the Northwest, are hosting the third annual Efficiency Exchange conference in Portland, April 21-23. The region-wide event focuses on promoting innovation and new ideas in utility energy efficiency programs. BPA and NEEA are producing and sponsoring the event, with support from the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.

"This is the pre-eminent utility energy efficiency forum in the Northwest," said Richard Genece, vice president of Energy Efficiency for the Bonneville Power Administration. "It's an opportunity for utilities, implementers and contractors to exchange ideas and best practices, and it continues our region's legacy of leadership in energy efficiency."

Attendees will build new relationships, better understand emerging trends in the industry, and gain knowledge from the conference for their own organizations.

"Energy efficiency is now the second-largest source of power in the Northwest, and we anticipate the importance of efficiency will continue to grow as reducing carbon emissions grows in importance as a public policy goal," said Pat Smith, a Montana member of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council and chair of the Council's Power Committee. "We are pleased to support this event and to work with Bonneville, NEEA and our other partners to discuss and strategize on ways to improve energy efficiency in the region."

Jeremiah Owyang is the keynote speaker at this year's conference. Owyang is the founder of Crowd Companies, which advises businesses on tapping into the collaborative economy. He will discuss the latest trends and research in this new sharing movement, as well as how utilities can thrive in a world where customers, technology and energy are intersecting in disruptive ways.

Attendees will also get an insider's look at how energy efficient technologies are tested, refined and applied to a number of local industries. The final day of the conference includes on-site tours of Widmer Brothers' energy-efficient brewery and a lunch-and-learn meeting with the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.

Other sessions will cover energy efficiency technologies and trends such as the Internet of Things, combination water/space heating, and paths to deeper savings in commercial buildings and lighting.

"The Northwest is an established leader in energy efficiency," said NEEA's executive director, Susan E. Stratton. "Efficiency Exchange brings together thought leaders and program experts to share new ideas and insights that benefit the whole region."

Between sessions, attendees can visit the Conduit Lounge and register, post and share information on Conduit (www.conduitnw.org), an online community that facilitates collaboration and coordination among energy efficiency professionals in the Northwest.

View the full agenda of the conference at www.efficiencyexchangenw.com/program/.

Attached Media Files: The annual Efficiency Exchange conference, co-hosted by BPA and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, is the biggest energy efficiency event in the region. This year's conference is April 21-23 in Portland. (Photo by Jim Maddry/NEEA) , 2015-04/1236/83689/Efficiency-Exchange-Logo.jpg
PNWU Announces Commencement Ceremonies
Pacific NW Univ. of Health Sciences - 04/20/15
Contact: Ryan Rodruck
Tel: 509-249-7861
Email: rrodruck@pnwu.edu

April 20, 2015


Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences Announces Commencement Ceremonies

YAKIMA, WA - Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine has announced their commencement exercises for the Class of 2015. The graduation ceremony will take place at the Capitol Theatre in Yakima, Washington on Saturday, May 9.

"These doctors have put in an extraordinary amount of work leading up to this ceremony," said Dr. Thomas Scandalis, Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine. "There's a huge amount of pride to be able to call yourself Doctor for the first time in front of family and friends and we know this ceremony will showcase that," Dr. Scandalis continued.

72 students admitted to the osteopathic medical program will graduate as the Class of 2015. Many have expressed a desire to return to the Northwest to practice.

"I'm very pleased with the medical education I received at PNWU and I'm looking forward to practicing in the Northwest after completing my residency," said Steve Pinther, Class of 2015 student. Pinther plans on returning to his home state of Idaho to practice as an Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastics surgeon.

The University also announced its commencement speaker. Rear Admiral Joyce Johnson, DO (retired), is a physician with senior leadership experience in the public health, military and civilian sectors.

"We are very grateful to have Rear Admiral Johnson address the commencement exercises for the class of 2015. Her depth of knowledge in public health and understanding of a broad range of health care issues make her an excellent fit to send these new doctors into their residencies," said University President Dr. Keith Watson.

Rear Admiral Johnson earned a bachelor's degree from Luther College, a master's degree in Hospital and Health Administration from the University of Iowa and her osteopathic medical degree from Michigan State University.

For six years, Rear Admiral Johnson served as Chief Medical Officer and Surgeon General for the United States Coast Guard. In this position, she managed the Coast Guard health care system, including 150 sickbays and clinics. She also administered the Coast Guard's safety and work-life programs. She was the first woman to hold this post and the first woman to achieve flag rank while on active duty with the Coast Guard. She also served as Assistant Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service.

Activities will begin at 10:30 a.m. with a Military Commissioning. The Commencement Ceremony will begin at 2:00 p.m. All events will take place at the Capitol Theatre in Yakima and are open to the public. More information is available by calling the University at (509) 452-5100 or visiting pnwu.edu.


About PNWU: In 2004, physicians and community leaders raised the awareness and resources to build a health sciences university where the next generation of physicians would train. Located in Yakima, Washington, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences welcomed its first class of 70 medical school students into the College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008 and graduated them in 2012. Today the University houses 300 medical students who are training under the careful instruction of highly-qualified faculty. In addition to the Yakima campus, PNWU has established 18 core rotation sites in communities around the Pacific Northwest. Hospitals and clinics around the region have welcomed PNWU students, training them in the clinical settings where they will eventually practice.
Clarkston Schools Are Repeat Winners of State Award
Clarkston School Dist. - 04/20/15
CLARKSTON, WA - Two Clarkston schools have once again been identified as top performers in Washington State. Clarkston High School and Heights Elementary School are repeat winners for the prestigious Washington Achievement Award, presented by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

The 2014 Washington Achievement Awards include a total of 401 schools from across the State. These awards are given based on three years of academic growth reported in the State Board of Education's Washington Achievement Index. Once again, both Clarkston High School and Heights Elementary are receiving awards for Extended Graduation Rate (CHS) and Math Growth (Heights).

The sixth annual Washington Achievement Awards will be celebrated at a state ceremony in Bethel School District on April 28. Principals from Clarkston's winning schools plan to attend this state-wide celebration.

"We are proud of the staff and students of these schools in earning this recognition," said Clarkston Superintendent, Tim Winter. "It is a testament to the culture of high expectations for student achievement that has been created at Heights Elementary, Clarkston High School and in the Clarkston School District."

Congratulations to the outstanding staff, students, and parents of these award-winning schools! For more information, contact Communications Director, Molly Curtiss, at 509.544.5787 or CurtissM@csdk12.org.


Washington Achievement Award winners are selected using the Washington Achievement Index and criteria in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) flexibility waiver. The award is given in six categories: Overall Excellence, High Progress, Reading Growth, Math Growth, 5-year graduation rate and English Language Acquisition. More information about the awards and criteria can be found on the OSPI website at www.k12.wa.us/EducationAwards/WashingtonAchievement.
Crash on I-84 near MP 138 Westbound - Diesel Spill - Arlington (Photo)
Oregon State Police - Statewide - 04/18/15
Oregon State Police (OSP) are investigating a traffic crash on Interstate 84 westbound near milepost 138 - Arlington. Westbound traffic is being diverted through Arlington at this time.

Early information from OSP Lieutenant Pat Shortt indicates that a westbound semi-truck and trailer, driven by CASEY A. LEPPERT, 23, of Caldwell Idaho, left its lane of travel and crashed, damaging the center barrier and spilling approximately 150 gallons of diesel fuel then catching fire. Hazardous materials crews are on-scene and have contained the fuel and none was believed to have reached the Columbia River. LEPPERT was not injured during the crash or subsequent fire.

OSP is being assisted by the Gilliam County Sheriff's Office, Hermiston Fire Department Haz-Mat Team, Arlington Fire Department and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Attached Media Files: 2015-04/1002/83646/Snapshot_20150418_2.jpg , 2015-04/1002/83646/Snapshot_20150418_1_(1).jpg
MEDIA ALERT - Kinder Registration Opens Today
Clarkston School Dist. - 04/08/15
CLARKSTON, WA - Kindergarten registration for the 2015-2016 school year opens today. Parents/guardians of children who will be age five by August 31, 2015 are asked to register their incoming kindergartener between now and May 1 at the elementary school he/she will be attending in the fall.

Registration will take place from 9 AM to 3 PM each day in Clarkston's elementary schools. To register a child, parents MUST bring the child's birth certificate and immunization record. For questions or more information, contact Di Howell in Student Services at 509.769.5541.

Opening Reception to Feature "Grizzly" Artists: Artwork to Benefit Local Animal Shelter
Clarkston School Dist. - 04/07/15
CLARKSTON, WA - Grantham Elementary students in Clarkston, WA will proudly present their artwork at the Opening Reception on Friday, April 10 at the Lewis-Clark State College Center for Arts & History, beginning at 5 PM.

The Grizzlies' Arts Program, or G.A.P. at Grantham Elementary was initiated in 2011 to offer Grantham students equal opportunities and access to the arts in a safe, in-house, after-school environment. The program has successfully grown to encompass students in grades 3 through 6, with the 3rd grade program offered through the school's 21st Century grant. G.A.P. also offers classes in performing arts, music, dance, and creative writing, in addition to fine arts classes.

In January 2015, twenty-four, 4th through 6th grade students in G.A.P. began working with art instructor, Mrs. Dana Aldis, on the Pet Portrait Project. The goal of the project was to learn about portraiture. Students were taken on a field trip to the Lewis & Clark Animal Shelter in Lewiston, ID to take reference photographs of the available cats and dogs at the shelter. The six-week project resulted in each student producing a finished acrylic painting on a 16"x20" canvas.

G.A.P. Program Director, Patti Lee, has worked passionately at Grantham Elementary for the past five years to encourage access to the arts for all Grantham students.

"Since the inception of the G.A.P. program, we have seen amazing talent emerge, personal and social growth, and happy smiles from students enjoying the arts," Lee states. "I have spent many joy-filled hours with these wonderful children, creating art and hopefully opening doors to real life possibilities for their futures. Visiting artists, such as Dana Aldis, being willing to share their skills, and support from the LCSC Center for Arts and History validates the G.A.P. program, and lifts it to a new level. We hope to gain more community support to guarantee continuation of this much needed arts endeavor."

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of LCSC, G.A.P. students will proudly present their very first public art exhibit in the Upper Gallery VII at LCSC on Friday, April 10. The Opening Reception begins at 5 PM at the Center for Arts & History, and artwork will be on display from April 10 to May 22. The G.A.P. student artwork is available for purchase, and all proceeds of any art sold will benefit the Lewis & Clark Animal Shelter.

For more information, contact Clarkston Communications Director, Molly Curtiss, at CurtissM@csdk12.org or 509.544.5787. (See attached gallery poster.)


Attached Media Files: LCSC Gallery Poster
MEDIA ALERT - FCCLA Students Headed to National Conference In July
Clarkston School Dist. - 04/06/15
CLARKSTON, WA - The FCCLA students at Clarkston High School had a hugely successful State Leadership Conference in Wentachee, WA on March 24-27. Earning the top Gold Level scores in the State and proceeding on to the FCCLA National Leadership Conference in Washington, DC this summer, July 3-9, are the following students: Madeline Bunce, Emily Ulrich, and Rachel Lauzon - Chapter Service Project Jr.; Logan Pitcher and Sabrina Moore - Chapter in Review Portfolio Sr.; and Ellisa Dilling - Job Interview Sr.

Earning a Second place and also qualifying to compete at Nationals was Katelyn Bittle: National Programs in Action Jr.

Earning Third Place: Kathleen Hanks - National Program in Action Sr.
Earning Fourth Place: Jera Graham and Bella Graves - Chapter Service Project Sr.
Serving on State Evaluation Teams - Breanna Anderson and Ally Vance

All students qualified to attend and complete or work on National Evaluation Teams in July. Congratulations to these hardworking students, and best of luck at Nationals in July. For more information on the Clarkston FCCLA program, contact Debbie Romesburg at 509.758.8706 or RomesburgD@csdk12.org.

BPA offering grants in science and energy education
Bonneville Power Administration - 04/06/15
PR 08 15
Monday, April 6, 2015
CONTACT: Kevin Wingert, 503-230-4140 or

BPA offering grants in science and energy education

Portland, Ore. - The Bonneville Power Administration is offering grants in science and energy education to nonprofit organizations, schools and others in support of work to educate students in grades K through 12 about the energy systems of the Pacific Northwest.

The goal of the program is to advance students' understanding, awareness and interest in the issues and science involved in energy generation and transmission in the region.

Funded projects could focus on hydroelectricity, wind and other sources of electric power, methods of conserving electricity, studies of energy and environment, programs on engineering and technology skills relating to energy, and others. The intent of the grants is to support science, technology, engineering and math education with specific emphasis on electric-utility issues.

BPA anticipates making four to 10 grants ranging from $500 to $5,000.

The Science and Energy Education grants program, now in its fourth year, is one facet of a much larger education outreach program by BPA. It was designed to extend the reach of BPA's education efforts by supporting the teachers and nonprofits working to advance energy education.

Recipients of the 2014-2015 BPA Science and Energy Education Grants included:

Dufur School, Dufur, Ore. - $2,000 to fund the "Dufur Ranger Energy Generation Challenge." Funds enabled students at this small rural school to conduct a four-month study of different sources of renewable energy, as well as construct, test and modify models of hydroelectric, wind turbine and solar fuel cells.

Ukiah School District, Ukiah, Ore. - $1,891 for "Energy and Engineering STEM Program." Funds assisted in the purchase of equipment and supplies for use in a new Energy and Engineering STEM class at this K-12 school of 50 students.

Montana Outdoor Science School, Bozeman, Mont. - $5,000 to fund "Sustainable Energy." Funds were used for a six-week unit for middle school students in western Montana. Students developed their research and science skills as they tested and optimized solar cells, designed and tested hydroelectric turbines and generators, and compared and contrasted current energy sources and usage.

Olympia School District, Olympia, Wash. - $3,500 to support "Pathways to a Clean Energy Future through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math." Funds were used with this program that targets sixth graders in the accelerated math and science program, teaching them about the technological, social and environmental realities of energy demand and generation in the Pacific Northwest.

Sustainable Living Center, Walla Walla, Wash. - $4,362 to support "Energy Explorers Make a Splash!" The funds were used on a project that transformed fifth graders in the Walla Walla Public Schools Highly Capable Learners program into energy instructors. The students received a series of eight weekly lessons outside of regular classroom time on hydroelectricity, wind, solar, gas and nuclear energy, the future of energy generation, and challenges with energy production in our region.

White Salmon Valley (Wash.) Education Foundation - $3,300 to fund "Climate Change and Hydropower in the Pacific Northwest." The funds were leveraged with this program to help students master science education standards by exploring the relationship between climate change and hydropower in the Northwest. The curriculum, designed for high school students, included 10 in-class lessons, three field trips and training for those students to teach core concepts of the curriculum to students in fourth and seventh grade.

Funding can be awarded to school districts, government agencies and nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations. The recipients must be from, and funding used in, BPA service territory in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and parts of Montana, Nevada and Wyoming.

Applications for project funding are due May 8, and funding will be awarded in June for projects taking place over the 2015-2016 school year. For complete terms and instructions on completing a science and energy education grant proposal, please visit: www.bpa.gov/goto/EducationGrants.

BPA's education program provides free presentations and information to K-12 schools in our region to help students achieve energy literacy, and to support science, technology, engineering and math education. For information on BPA education programs, go to www.bpa.gov/goto/Education.

The Bonneville Power Administration, headquartered in Portland, Ore., is a nonprofit federal power marketing agency under the U.S. Department of Energy that sells wholesale renewable hydropower from federal dams in the Columbia Basin and one nuclear plant to more than 140 Northwest utilities. BPA operates a high-voltage transmission grid comprising more than 15,000 circuit miles of lines and associated substations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana with more than 480 customers. It funds one of the largest wildlife protection and restoration programs in the world, and, with its partners, pursues cost-effective energy savings in all sectors of the economy. BPA also pursues breakthroughs that can increase efficiencies, solve operational challenges and reduce costs -- all of which help maintain affordable, reliable electric power for the Northwest and lessen impacts to the environment. For more information, contact us at 503-230-5131 or visit www.bpa.gov.

Oregon State Police Now Hiring Recruit Troopers - Oregon
Oregon State Police - Statewide - 04/03/15
The Oregon State Police is now hiring Recruit Troopers!

A career as an Oregon State Police (OSP) Trooper is challenging and rewarding. OSP Troopers provide Premier Public Safety Services to the citizenry of Oregon and we hire the best people to do it. If you've ever thought about being a Trooper now is the time to apply. OSP is preparing to hire recruit troopers in 2015 using the E-Recruit electronic application system. Lateral and Entry level recruit trooper applications are now being accepted. The process will be until May 17, 2015, at 11:59 p.m.

Persons interested in applying should start the process now by going to the Oregon State Police recruiting website at www.osptrooper.com. The website helps interested applicants:

* Learn the application process and what it takes to successfully apply
* Clearly understand our qualifications
* Find out what it will take to get a jump on the required Entry Level Testing

Entry Level Testing dates and locations will be provided to each applicant via email.

Applicants should prepare beforehand for Entry Level Testing. Candidates can create an account now by building a profile following the instructions detailed on the www.osptrooper.com website. The complete application for employment is comprised of the E-Recruit profile, the supplemental questionnaire, and any required attachments.

The Oregon State Police values the perspective of all of Oregon's citizens and is an equal opportunity employer. OSP strongly encourages women and candidates of color to apply. Information about our agency, the different opportunities that are available, how our hiring process works, and updates to our hiring process can be found at www.osptrooper.com.

Questions about the application process can be directed to the OSP Recruitment Unit at (503) 378-4175. IF you are ready to go we have a place for you in the Oregon State Police.

Contact Info:
Lieutenant Craig Flierl
Training Section Commander
Oregon State Police
Contact info: 503-378-4175
Kindergarten Registration in Clarkston Begins April 9
Clarkston School Dist. - 04/02/15
CLARKSTON, WA - If your child will be age five by August 31, 2015, please save the date for Clarkston's Kindergarten registration! From April 8 to May 1, all parents/guardians of incoming Clarkston kindergarten students should register their child at the elementary school he/she will be attending in the fall.

Kindergarten registration in Clarkston for the 2015-2016 school year will take place from 9 AM to 3 PM each day in Clarkston's elementary schools. To register a child, parents MUST bring the child's birth certificate and immunization record.

During registration, parents will make an appointment for the Kindergarten Round-Up. The Round-Up takes place each day from May 5 through May 8 at the Clarkston School District Office. Round-Up activities determine a child's readiness for Kindergarten and help teachers to plan for the upcoming year. Activities will be in the areas of hearing/vision, gross and fine motor skills, concepts, and speech/language. Round-Up activities take approximately 45 minutes.

Additionally, parents/guardians are invited to bring their future kindergartener to the "Kinder Karnival" from 5:30-6:30 PM on Thursday, May 14. The Kinder Karnival will take place at the Parkway Elementary Gym. Look for more information on this event coming soon.

Kindergarten registration in Clarkston is available April 8 to May 1 at all elementary schools, with the Kindergarten Round-Up the following week. For questions or more information, contact Di Howell in Student Services at 509.769.5541.

MEDIA ALERT - Clarkston Brings Home Top Female Archer in State
Clarkston School Dist. - 03/30/15
CLARKSTON, WA - Clarkston School District's student archers showed a superb performance at the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) State Championship in Ellensburg on March 27 & 28. For the fourth year, Clarkston brought home the state's top female archer, Grace Duman, from Lincoln Middle School.

Like other winners, Duman brought home a new bow; however, a new prize was added to this year's competition, and Duman also received a $1,000 college scholarship.

This year was the largest state archery tournament to date, with more than 900 students representing 35 schools from across Washington. A complete list of Clarkston's winning students is attached.

For more information, contact Samantha Ogden at OgdenS@csdk12.org, or Molly Curtiss at 509.544.5787.


Attached Media Files: Clarkston's winning archers
Fish & Wildlife Trooper in Baker City Detects Blaze, Rescues Elderly Woman - Sumpter OR. (Photo)
Oregon State Police - Statewide - 03/30/15
On March 29, 2015, shortly after noon, Oregon State Police (OSP) Senior Trooper Brad Duncan of the Fish & Wildlife Division in Baker City, was patrolling in the town of Sumpter, southwest of Baker City, when he saw what appeared to be a vehicle on fire with three people standing nearby. One person was attempting to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher but was not having any success. Senior Trooper Duncan told the people to get away from the now fully engulfed vehicle for their own safety. As he did so he noticed a large propane tank between the residence and the vehicle which he feared may explode.

Senior Trooper Duncan learned the residence was owned by an 81-year-old woman who was believed to still be inside the home. As the fire spread to the residence, Sr. Trooper Duncan and Firefighter David Stellman of the Sumpter Valley Fire Department went to the door to inquire and Senior Trooper Duncan went inside to look for the woman.

Shortly after entering the home, Senior Trooper Duncan located the woman and her son still inside the residence. The woman was seated in a chair and her son told Senior Trooper Duncan she was unable to stand or walk on her own. As smoke poured into the residence through the door and the house began to burn, Senior Trooper Duncan carried the woman out of the house and to his patrol vehicle. Later on, Sumpter Valley Fire Department was able to extinguish the fire.

During the investigation it was determined the fire was started while an occupant of the residence was working on the fuel system of a vehicle. Red Cross arrived to assist the occupants.

OSP was assisted by the Sumpter Valley Fire Department and the Red Cross. Firefighter Stellman was contacted and approved the use of his name for this release.

Photos (x2)

### www.oregon.gov/OSP ###
Twitter: @ORSTatePolice

Attached Media Files: 2015-03/1002/83059/Sumpter_2.jpg , 2015-03/1002/83059/Sumpter_Fire_1.jpg
BPA veteran attorney Mary Jensen named general counsel (Photo) (updated with corrected quote)
Bonneville Power Administration - 03/30/15
PR 07 15


Monday, March 30, 2015

CONTACT: Doug Johnson, 503-230-5840/503-230-5131

BPA veteran attorney Mary Jensen named general counsel

Portland, Ore. - Mary Jensen, who has worked in the Bonneville Power Administration General Counsel's office since 2002, has been named its general counsel. She takes over after managing the office for a year as acting general counsel.

"Mary stepped in and helped BPA work through a number of complex legal matters while acting as general counsel for the past year," said BPA Administrator Elliot Mainzer. "She is the first BPA general counsel who reports directly to the administrator. I look forward to continuing to work with her to further enhance BPA's legal risk management and compliance."

While serving as acting general counsel, Jensen guided BPA's Office of General Counsel through a major reorganization, instituted a new office policy on legal advice, and collaborated with the Department of Energy general counsel in creating national guidelines for power marketing administrations in states where marijuana sales are lawful under state statutes. She also instituted new processes that enable faster response times to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act.

"The Bonneville Power Administration serves an incredibly important purpose in the Northwest," Jensen said. "I am honored to serve as its general counsel and lead the legal staff that supports our efforts to keep our assets delivering value to the region."

Jensen has specialized in legal issues involving the provision of transmission service at Bonneville and was promoted to manage that legal section in 2008. Before joining BPA in 2002, she worked at the U.S. Office of the Solicitor in Phoenix, Ariz., advising the Bureau of Indian Affairs regarding operations of its federally-owned electric utilities that provide service in Arizona.

Preceding her federal service, she worked as a prosecutor in Tucson, Ariz., handling felony cases including vehicular offenses, elder abuse and homicide. Jensen is a graduate of the University of Arizona College of Law. Her son is a third-generation journeyman lineman, who lives in Missouri with his wife and their five children.

The Office of General Counsel provides legal expertise that supports BPA programs through legal advice and representation, including but not limited to the general areas of transmission, natural resources, power, lands, federal resources and treaties, generation and finance, personnel, and ratemaking.

BPA is a nonprofit federal agency that markets renewable hydropower from federal Columbia Basin dams, operates three-quarters of high-voltage transmission lines in the Northwest and funds one of the largest wildlife protection and restoration programs in the world. BPA and its partners have also saved enough electricity through energy efficiency projects to power four large American cities. For more information, contact us at 503-230-5131 or visit www.bpa.gov.


Attached Media Files: 2015-03/1236/83046/Mary_Jensen.jpg